Precision CNC machining services by MiMIndistries are provided for industries such as automotive, construction, medical and other. We are experts in milling, drilling, turning, boring, knurling, reaming, grinding, polishing, deburring , tapping, and external and internal thread cutting. We also offer broaching, slotting, and deep hole drilling. Featuring 2- and 3-axis machinery, our shop is equipped with CNC controlled vertical and horizontal lathes, vertical machining centers, and twin spindle machines.

CNC machining service USA

We work with cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, bronze, and nickel as well as non-metals such as ABS, acetal, acrylic, fiberglass reinforced plastics, nylon, phenolics, PTFE, and UHMW enabling us to produce a wide variety of products. Our capabilities enable us to fabricate products that measure up to 24” in diameter and up to 30” long. We have a lifting capacity of 2 tons and work to tightest tolerances of ±.0002”.

MiMIndistries has over 30 years of experience in machining services and offers outstanding customer service and turnaround time. More on our precision CNC machining service capabilities can be found in the following table. Contact us directly to speak with one of our skilled representatives.

CNC Machining specification

Material:  Aluminium6061/6063/7075/5052 etc, Stainless steel303/304/400/316, SteelQ235,20#,45#etc,
Brass:C36000(C26800), C37700(HPb59),C38500(HPb58),C2200(CuZn37),
C28000(CuZn40) etc,
Copper;Beryllium bronze copper.
Process: CNC turning,CNC milling, CNC grinding;CNC lathe machining, CNC boring;CNC drilling, surface treatment
Surface treatment: Hardness anodizing black/clear, steel oxidizing dark-blue, electro-polishing, electroless nickel plating, silver plating, golden plating etc
Tolerance: +/-0.001mm or +/- 0.00004″
Certification: ISO9001:2008, ROHS
Production capacity: depend on complicacy of different products and the quantity
Experience: 15 years of CNC machining products /2 years of automation machine manufacturing
Packaging : standard export carton with pallet or as per customes’requirement
Lead time : making arrangement upon customers’request
Term of Payment: T/T, L/C, Escrow, paypal, western union
Part size: Diameter from 0.5mm to 1000mm
Minimum Order:  Comply with customer’s demand
Delivery way: EXPRESS, BY SEA OR BY AIR on your requirement.
Maine equipment: Machining center, CNC, Lathe, Turning machine, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Internal and external grinding machine, Cylindrical grinding machine, Tapping drilling machine, Wire cutting machine etc.
Testing facility: Coordinate measuring machine, projector, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester. Height tester, .
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Measurement Range(mm) Accuracy(um) Brand
Length 200×150







Brown & Sharpe(Us)


External Diameter 0-100 1 Mitoyuto(Japan)
Internal Diameter 5-30 1 Tesa (Swiss)
Surface Roundness 80 0.01 Mitoyuto(Japan)


General Tolerance(+/-mm)

CNC Machining 0.005
Turning 0.005
Grinding(Flatness/in2) 0.003
ID/OD Grinding 0.002
Wire-Cutting 0.002



CNC Machining Sheet Metal
High Speed

Vertical Machining

Horizontal Machining

CNC Turning

CNC Blanking

Hydraulic Shearing

Hydraulic Press


Grinding W/C Machining
Jig Grinding

Center-less Grinding

Surface Grinding

ID/OD Cylindrical Grinding

Ceramic Grinding

Wire Cut


General Machining Others
NC Turning
Heat Treatment
Surface Treatment

Product materials of cast iron, cast steel, super duplex, SST, copper based & aluminum based alloys.

  • CNC milling (Aluminum, brass, steel, zinc alloy, many others )
  • Sheet metal (Steel, Aluminum, many others)
  • Die Casting (ADC12,etc);
  • Finish :remove bur, sandblast, anodized, painting, printing, plating, high polish, mirror polish, blackening, powder coating, etc.

Here below please find some pictures we have made recently:

CNC milling die casting

To successfully make a part on a CNC Machine, programs instruct the machine how it should move. The programmed instructions given to the CNC machine are encoded using CAM (computer aided manufacturing) software in conjunction with the CAD (computer aided design) model provided by the customer.

The CAD model is loaded into the CAM software and tool paths are created based on the required geometry of the manufactured part. Once the tool paths are determined, the CAM software creates machine code that tells the machine how fast to move, how fast to turn the stock and/or tool, and where to move in a 5-axis X, Y, Z, A and B coordinate system.

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