Zirconia Ceramic


Zirconium oxide (Zirconia) is an extremely tough ceramic with a hardness of >9 Mohs which makes it and excellent material for extreme wear, high temperature and harsh environment applications.

Zirconia ceramicshave remarkable properties of strength, hardness and wear resistance in addition to withstanding attack from molten metal, organic solvents, acids and alkalis. They can also withstand high temperatures for long periods even under severe mechanical stress.

Typical Applications include: volatile chemical solutions transportation, jet and diesel engine components, containers for molten metals, high speed cutting tools, high wear components, transistor insulators, dental implants, bearing balls, pump seals, and ball valves. Contact us for more info!

Density, ρ g/cm3 6.04
Water Absorption  % @ room temperature (R.T.) 0
Hardness Mohs 6.5
Hardness Knoop (kg/mm2) 1600
Compressive Strength MPa @ R.T. 2500
Fracture Toughness, KIc MPa x m1/2 13
Max. Use Temperature (in air)  ºC 500
Thermal Shock Resistance  ∆T (ºC) 280-360
Thermal Conductivity W/m-K @ R.T. 2.7
Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion, αl  µm/m-ºC  (~25ºC through ±1000ºC) 11
Dielectric Constant 1 MHz @ R.T. ASTM D150 26 @ 100kHz  1 MHz @ R.T. 26 @ 100kHz
Dielectric Strength  kV/mm 9
Electrical Resistivity  Ωcm @ R.T.  >104